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Onion Man and Scallion Guy is a comic book series and animated short film produced by Maya Henderson. This idea was first developed in 2011, and made its debut as a self published comic book in December 2015. This series was inspired by her hometown in the Hudson Valley, which is one of the leading growers and exporters of onions. The beautiful green fields and abundant farmland is what ultimately inspired Maya to create Onion Man and Scallion Guy. After her first issue, she created two more in the following years, totaling three comic books to date. While she is no longer actively creating comic books for this series, she is still invested in the characters' world. This is what prompted Maya to create redraws of pages from the very first issue, as well as develop an animated short loosely based off the second and third issue. 

Design Gallery

Recent Pages

OM Redraw page 2.tif
OM Redraw page 3.jpg
OM Redraw page 4.tif

Pages from the first very issue redrawn and rewritten (2019)


Maya created the animated short film for Onion Man and Scallion Guy in 2019, with the title shortened to simply, Onion Man. The production time was four weeks, and the entire animation was done traditionally on paper with pencil and crayon. The run time is one minute and thirty seconds.

Rusty Turnaround.jpg
Kendall Turnaround.jpg
Kailee Turnaround.jpg

Onion Man (2019)

Early Days 

1.) Issue 1 cover.tif

Onion Man and Scallion Guy Issue 1 cover (2015)

Issue 2 cover.jpg

Onion Man and Scallion Guy Issue 2 Cover (2016)

Issue 3 Virgin Cover.jpg

Onion Man and Scallion Guy Issue 3 Cover (2017)

Issue 3 Flip Through

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