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This is a comic Maya created to educate her Instagram followers about the holiday "Juneteenth", and why it's an important day for millions of black Americans. She also created a printable zine available for download as a teaching resource and coloring book. 

Black Inventors

Black Inventors is an informational illustration series Maya made for Black History Month 2021. She wanted to showcase the achievements and talents of black Americans to break up the notion that black history has to be about oppressions and suffering. 


Unlucky is an illustrated narrative Maya  made in response to the death of George Floyd in summer 2020. This piece was created entirely in one afternoon, driven by anger and hope for a better future. Formatted for Risograph printing, Maya intends to print this as a physical zine when the printing labs open back up at her university in fall 2021. 

Black Nightmare

Black Nightmare is a comic Maya created and posted on Instagram to express the profound grief she had been feeling during summer 2020,  and how the events that lead up to the dawn of the new civil rights movement had affected her on a personal level. 

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a comic Maya created based off a quote from the Gene Testimony Hall. 


Colorblind is a comic Maya created to educate her Instgram followers on the dangers of adopting a "colorblind" mindset. Many people who think this way have the best intentions in mind, however this ideology fails to acknowledge the inherent social inequalities faced by those with different backgrounds. This was her first comic to go viral, and grew her Instagram following from about one hundred followers, to over one thousand in just a few days. 

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