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Stalled is a short comic series written and illustrated by Maya Henderson. The story was originally a 15 page comic created for her 2020 spring semester sequential arts class, as well as Clip Studio Paint's International Comic/ Manga School's contest. Since then, Maya has created two additional short stories related to this universe. 



Middle schooler Charlie accidentally finds a magic portal while trying to deliver homework to a friend.

Design Gallery

Full story 

Stalled page 1
Stalled page 2
Stalled page 3
Stalled page 4
Stalled page 5
Stalled page 6
Stalled page 7
Stalled page 8
Stalled page 9
Stalled page 10
Stalled page 11
Stalled page 12
Stalled page 13
Stalled page 14
Stalled page 15

Epilogue (2020) 

Due to positive reception on social media as well as popular demand, Stalled has an epilogue that takes place one day after the main story. 



Charlie promised Amelia a seat at her lunch table. Did she follow through with the promise she made? 

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