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A miscellaneous gallery of Maya's recent work.

Dandelion Court Tumblr 2.jpg

Onion Man and Scallion Guy

Onion Man and Scallion Guy is a self published comic series and short film.

Grocery Store page 1.jpg


Maya's freelance comic and sequential art work.

123s With Tonellio wrap cover_edited.jpg

Wish Trip (2021)

Wish Trip is a short autobio comic about Maya and her brother's experience going on a Make A Wish Trip in 2009. This comic chronicles the morning of the trip and just how special it was.

Wish trip page 5.jpg

Stalled (2020)

Stalled is a short story about four friends and a magical bathroom stall.

Stalled cover.jpg


Gifs and animation.


Social Education

Short illustrated information about social justice and black history.

Unlucky 1 fixed.jpg
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